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October 27, 1994, the first ever banner advertisement was run online, thus starting a revolution in advertising and web content that still reverberates today. Of course, with the passage of time, it is not easy to just create a banner advertisement and create a revolution. The first banner ad asked the users to click on the banner which took them to another page. This is quite difficult these days, as people rarely click banner advertisement. Your banner needs to be unique and attractive to the users to enable them to click it.

Just like social media is the new way of life, Facebook/Digital banners are trendsetting. Facebook/Digital banners, a form of display advertising is on the rise. It is mandatory to educate your customers of your work in the short time that they have allotted for you. Static image banner or an animated banner is the way to exploit the little of the customer’s time you have.

Facebook/Digital banners are intended to generate traffic to a website or like regular banner advertisements, to inform and notify about a new product. Facebook/Digital banners can also be used to increase brand awareness, to make prospective customers easily recognise the brand, its logo or the slogan. A brand name, its distinctive colour, its logo, etc. becomes very recognisable only when people keep seeing it wherever they see. For example, the distinctive colour of coca cola is recognisable to anyone and Coke is the second most recognisable word in the world. In today’s world, where the time spent on social media is increasing at an exponential rate, Facebook/Digital banner is the way to make a brand very recognisable.

Facebook/Digital banners are also excellent for lead generation. For companies providing software as a service Facebook/Digital banners can be used to advertise to increase the prospective customers visiting the site or to increase the number of sign ups in your website. Any new products or service has been introduced and is explained in your website can be easily accessed using Facebook/Digital banner advertisements.

Facebook/Digital banner advertisement can also be used to retarget your audience. If someone has visited your website, but hasn’t signed up can be retargeted again. This will increase their chance of signing up. If a prospective customer has seen your product, but hasn’t bought it can be retargeted again through Facebook/Digital banner advertisement. People who have visited the website had done so because they were interested. Retargeting them will increase their interest and in turn increase the chance of them becoming a customer.

Facebook/Digital advertising are also effective because it can be easily measured. How many people have actually clicked your banner can be easily measured through the click through rate (CTR). CTR is calculated by dividing the number of users who clicked your advertisement to the number of impressions, i.e. the number of times your banner was displayed. The higher the CTR, the more effective the Facebook/Digital banner advertisement is.

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Pamphlet Designing

Pamphlet Designing Company For promoting an initiative Pamphlets are perfect that you think needs more awareness. On a cause or campaign if you want to educate a certain demographic than you might want to make a pamphlet about the topic. For the target audience learning ways to keep your pamphlet concise& reader-friendly can help you best present your information. Don’t just let it sit around once you’ve designed and printed your pamphlet , To spread the word pass your pamphlet out to local businesses and organizations.

1. Pamphlet Designing of your pamphlet determine the purpose and target audience first. Who will most likely read your pamphlet knowing the demographic can help you choose the text and images that will be most effective. Based on who would find the information most useful Narrow your audience down to a specific group of people.

with your business or organization do research on your target demographic online and Find out what values are important to them, what their general needs are, and what their relationship is. Around your pamphlet’s audience this will help you tailor your information and select images that will emotionally move them.

2. To create your pamphlet use a Pamphlet designing program. This will help you make yours quickly and easily Programs with a pamphlet template. with a pamphlet template or find another online , choose one of the following popular programs:
• Microsoft Word
• Google Docs
• Adobe In Design
• Lucid Press etc
3. Always do use images that will provoke an emotional response in the eye of reader. Images that are dull or generic try to avoid those images, like clip art. Always choose images that are relevant to the purpose of your pamphlet and that will encourage your audience to take action in some way.
• To use any images you put on the pamphlet make sure you have the proper license.
• Throughout the pamphlet keep a consistent style of imagery. Always avoid:- for example : switching between drawings & photography

4. Because you don’t know which side of the pamphlet a reader will see first, On both sides of the pamphlet Include your logo. Organization’s logo to both

5. Sides of the pamphlet will add your businesses or for quickly will help them understand what the pamphlet is all about. If readers are interested, they can research more about your organization online so always make sure your logo is clear and visible to audience.

6. Before designing it online make a sketch of your pamphlet. For displaying different information most pamphlets have 6 sides and each of which can be dedicated. On each side of the pamphlet before making it online plan out what information and images you want to put.

• To sketch out your pamphlet you don’t have to be an excellent artist. Write what you want to include in that area instead if you can’t sketch a certain image or design,.
• Before creating it online show your pamphlet draft to other people involved in your business or organization.

7. For the Pamphlet Designing a front and back cover. Where you design your cover the front and back panels should be there. On the back include your title, a few eye-catching images. Your company or organization’s name, and any social media page names you have. As you will add more information in the inside panels try to keep any specific

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