Advertisement the path towards sales

Advertisement and sales promotion :

 The significance and the kind of Advertisement and sales promotion vary strongly among markets. It has to be carried out a planning of advertising for consumer goods, that are bought regularly (e.g. foods and toiletries), and for durable consumer goods. The plan has to include the main advertising message and budget, the selection of advertising media (television, journals, daily papers and so forth) as well as possible cooperation with advertising, sales promotion and public relation agencies.

The selection and suitability of advertising media are mainly determined by the Advertisement goals as well as by geographical, quantitative and qualitative access to the target customers (generations, income levels, residence etc.). The annual media analysis helps by displaying the audiovisual habits and literacy as well as the media coverage. Sales promotion in the field of consumer business should be planned extremely carefully, in order to ensure their acceptance with the retailers, as well as their sales potential and eventual success.

Companies, that do not produce a branded product for the final consumer, but semi finished products or components for other companies, advertising and sales promotion are mainly limited to the various avenues of brochures, fairs and public relation campaigns. Design in many form like leaflet and flyer design, pamphlet design, brochure design along with logo and brand for the different buyer guide and catalogue. Digital Marketing and specially through Facebook/Digital banners is also very important and the sales and marketing presentation of the product.

Sales Strategy:

The sales strategy is based on the marketing strategy and turns it into sales objectives. The following goals should be kept in mind with respect to the sales strategy:

• Which customers should be contacted in what frequency?
• Which key customers should be paid special attention ?
• Analysis of the causes of customer loss? Conclusions derived from that?
• Are the right customers tracked, especially the ones possessing the highest growth potential?
• Are the different prospects catered with customization?
.How should distribution be expanded? Which market objectives are defined for the individual customers?
• Which profit margin goals are defined for the individual customers?
• With which organizational type should the market be approached?

The implementation of the sales strategy in the sales goals allows the development of the sales organization and the corresponding processes. On the one hand within the framework of a sales plan, you should describe your current situation, on the other hand does it outline a roadmap which helps you achieve your future goals and objectives. In the following we will discuss the basic issues of a sales organization and the basic elements of a sales plan.

Your Sales plan:

The business plan should include a sales plan for future, which summarizes sales targets according to markets and caters to customers and  describes the basic sales activities with their risks along a timeline and contains detailed allocation of distribution expenses.

Ideally the sales plan should capture following topics:
• planning of the sales,
• planning the customers and
• planning the sales area.

The customer plan covers the customer-oriented sale budget and corresponds to the sales plan. After defining the markets, the opportunity to characterize, structure and evaluate  customers within the different markets is paramount

How to Boost your Mobile App Downloads and Conversions by UI/UX Design

A good mobile app design which attracts users and enables ease of use is a result of tremendous hard work done in User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design. A good UI/UX design is fundamental for any mobile app’s adoption. The ones which are built without taking UI/UX design into consideration are bound to fail. Users prefer simple and easy to use app which can do the task in minimum time and minimum touch. Therefore, it becomes imperative for every business focusing on its own mobile app to learn the importance of a good UI/UX design. Let’s understand the concept of UI/UX design in first place.

User Interface:

It includes the look and feel of your mobile app, basically how your app interacts with the user. It emphasizes on the visual presentation and graphic design by understanding the target group of the mobile app.

User Experience:

It is the overall experience of the user about the use of app. It captures how appealing and pleasing is the app to your users. It contains all the interactions of your users with the app. It enhances the trust and satisfaction of your customers by improving ease of use, simplicity, and visual attractiveness.

Good UI/UX design requires insightful research of the target group as well as the industry norms. To achieve your business objectives like brand building, improving brand reputation, revenue maximisation, and generate more traffic, you need to provide your customers with a pleasurable experience. The app should be designed in such a way that it requires little efforts to understand the functioning and features of the app. It increases the retention of your app and works as word of mouth which makes your users recommend the app to their family and friends. If the app is difficult to comprehend, the users loose interest and might even delete the app.

Important Aspects of UI and UX design:


High degree of responsiveness should be provided to quickly answer to user’s needs. If the app is not responsive, the user will get tired of using the app and might even delete it. Whereas good responsive app provides an excellent experience to the user with the mobile app.


When you shift your customer from your website to app, you must deliver his needs in much lesser time and fewer clicks. It should make the work of your customer easier and quicker. The process should be smooth and should solve any problem of the user before it arrives.


The user should easily comprehend all the buttons and symbols used in your app. He/she should be able to locate all the features of the app easily. If there is any process going on, inform them about it. If the interface is not clear enough, it will spread a bad word of mouth and poor reviews for the app which pose greater threat.


Use simple visual and lingual elements which your users are familiar with. Common colours, symbols, buttons, font styles and icons to make it look familiar and easy to the users. Uniformity across the app should be maintained. This makes easy for the users to relate and understand the app.


The UI/UX should be visually appealing and give visual satisfaction. Appropriate colour schemes should be used. The app should be interactive so that your users and engaged with the app whenever they use it.

Making a good mobile app requires time and effort, but it is definitely worth for your business. The way businesses perform has completely changed with the eruption of mobile app technology. It has become an integral part of business strategy and brand communication. The scope of mobile app is vast and good UX/UI design differentiates you from your competitors.

guide for Successful Marketing Strategy campaign

Strategy to Successful Marketing : Avenues and Platforms

Successful Marketing Strategy Campaign Guide:

Social Buttons and Interlinking

It is highly desirable to have the social network links to be embedded by social buttons within the site to have an social effective media interface and improve the marketing communication channel visibility. Share buttons should also be prominently displayed to encourage customer response of the user stories and winners to be chosen and rewarded.\


The website design has to be customer experience oriented to retain the customer as well. The Mobile App UI Design has to be graphical and user friendly for background pattern, icons and even the typography


The inbound traffic to website can be increased by conducting competitions through the official handles and develop trust among customers. Personalized T-shirts can be given for the winners and also including the website URL.

Influencer Coverage

Influencers should be identified and be given free offer of usage of the website ,their testimonials can drive up the sales and Instagram is a highly engaging platform where this technique is used for higher average order value.


Cover the bloggers, vloggers for their opinions and create a buzz about their aura so that there is limelight on the website reviewers and the review as well.

Social Media 

Facebook Banners and interaction in fan pages, public groups and Invest in Ads to improve the sales and helps in brand promotion. Also, storytelling in a creative way in PinInterest, Instagram and Vine can create a viral campaign. Online Referrals should be encouraged.


AdWords is Google’s hugely popular pay-per-click advertising network that allows online retailers to place advertisements that can be utilized. Also target E-Zine Advertisers.

Email Marketing

Create database of the users of the website and send mails/newsletters  regarding the products and discounts available.

Offline Avenues

PR Stunt: A Public Relation stunt to be clearly identified to win customers combined with a sales and marketing presentations

Sponsor an Event: Sponsor a small event for a cause that could include of technical minded people who could be future potential customers.

Pop-up Store:
A pop-up store at art fairs, shopping malls, galleries where there is a huge crowd can be used to showcase the brand and educate the significance.

Design Work: Window clings as well as newsletters, bumper stickers, coffee cups and Flyer design in Newspaper with information about the business. Pamphlet designed with info graphics and leaflet Designing with feature and similarly the Brochures designing has to be done with diligence .The logo and brand guidelines cover the design characteristics and has to be intrinsic and meaningful with coherence.

Postcards/Bookmarks: Mail out postcards and Bookmarks for libraries with the Website URL. Even Pens and Magnets with the URL can be deployed and distributed.

Publications: Publish Advertisements in directories, PTA booklets which are not expensive.

Buyer Guides/Catalogues: 
This is an opportunity to present the plethora of features combined with purpose and aesthetics

Facebook banner

How Digital Banners can help your Brand Recall and Increase Customer Loyalty

Having a digital presence is imperative for any business. It is a cost effective means of engaging and interacting with your existing and potential customers. The social media posts and activities create a perception about your business in the minds of your target group. Any business’ Facebook or digital banners on any other platforms create a long lasting impression on visitor. Hence it is very important to get these basics right for any business.

Small businesses usually make the mistake of not taking their digital banners seriously and just use images from google instead of getting their banners crafted professionally. There as many reasons why one should get their banners made from professionals in order to get the most from these banners.

Humans are visual creatures

It is a well-known fact that more than half of the human brain is engaged in processing information in visual form. People are generally more easily stimulated by an image or a graphic design when compared with text. It makes these visual tools a more effective tool for the marketers and represent your brand correctly on digital mediums. Images require less time to process and have the power to attract people’s attention and stay in their memory for a longer time than words. Since you have a limited time at your disposal to engage with your customers, these creative play very important role in brand recall.

Shape how others perceive you

Your profile picture, cover picture or any other creative for that matter is a reflection of your business. It carries the image that you want to portray to your customers or potential customers who visit your facebook page or come across your digital banner online. These play an important role in shaping perception of your brand in the mind of your target group. The visitor will like, follow or subscribe your social media handle depends heavily on how he thinks of your brand and these digital banners play an important part in shaping their perception.

Brand Recall

The main purpose of branding is to create loyalty among its customers. The logo, the designs, the creative and banners are such aspects of your brand which help you differentiate from your competitors and better brand recognition. Your brand’s logo or any other branded creative has a way better chance to be remembered by your target group who have seen it on your social media.

Over the years, posting pictures on facebook has evolved from just a cover picture to an effective marketing tool.

If you want people to take your brand seriously, then just a copy-pasted creative will not work. Your business needs an authentic, unique, professional and brand-related banner for that purpose.

Every successful business is now focusing on these small things for larger benefits. Be it any successful bussiness’ facebook page, their banners are professional, unique and closely integrated with their brand. If you look forward to joining their ranks, you need to get in touch with professional agency which understands your business and provides digital solutions accordingly.

Importance of Website Designing

Do I need a website for my business? – Website Designing Importance

Importance of Website & their Designing

If you have ever come across this question in your business career then this article is for you. A website is a basically a gateway to a business action, this action can be making a sale, educating the visitor or gather information.

The website serves as an identity for your business, it’s like a window for the customers via which they can get a glimpse of what you have to offer. When website began their function was limited to educating the customers, but over the years websites have evolved and now they are capable of enabling a variety of business functions. With a website now a days you can direct the customer to your business take orders, make payments and also give your customers live tracking of their order.

Being a business owner we are sure you would want the best for your product and business. You need a kickass website that makes your stand out from all your other competitors. A website that gives your customer the best experience when they are on the website. Not just the experience you also need a website that has a uniform messaging and positioning so that it give a clear picture of your business to the visitors. This is where website designing comes into the picture. A good website design agency can be a difference between a visitor making a purchase and a visitor leaving the website. We suggest you to continue reading and understand the philosophy of MoreViz and understand with us how we create the best website designs and help you with digital branding.

1- White Space

White space refers to the space that is left on your landing page after you have published the content on the website. Space becomes one of the most important, simple design tools. It enables a user to experience the readership and flow of the page. The most important thing when it comes to spacing is consistency in spacing. All the similar elements should have similar spacing between them. Spacing should be done to create a focal point for the user.

2- Navigation

Most of the website design agencies do not give importance to navigation on the website but not us. We take navigation as one of the most important parameters because we believe an easy navigation will enable a user to scroll through our content more easily. Also with the advent of mobile websites, navigation becomes a very important feature as people want to reach their desired pages making the least number of scrolls and swipe.

3- About Us Page

This page becomes particularly important for small and medium sized businesses. It becomes important for them to tell the visitors about your business, about the owner of the business, his success story , his journey to creating the company. All of this helps in building credibility in the eyes of the visitors. Most of the time people get carried away and light lengthy content for about us section but that is not at all necessary. Your ABOUT US page should have relevant content that makes the visitor realize that you are a legitimate business.

4- Contact Us Page

Needless to say this is page is like your live visiting card. Now there are two ways in which you can display the information- In a header(Floating) or in a separate contact us page. The trick here is to make information like phone number, address, physical address and links to social media handles of the website.

5- The call to action Tabs

These are tabs or buttons on the web page that makes the visitor take an action. This action could be filling up a query form, registering for newsletters, making a quick order and many more. People filling up these forms can be taken as quality leads and can be pursued by the methods of direct marketing.

This is just the tip of Iceberg, sign up with MoreViz Website Designing  and know more about the magical elements we put in our website designs.

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Digital Marketing through Advertising

Digital Marketing through Advertising

Advertising – The visuals and aesthetics form a part of website and is important from a design point of view. However there are also definitive different types of creative advertisement format as following:

Animated: These format usually has a animated leader board.

Static: Strong and Simple Ads mostly

Floating Ads: Disrupt the navigation as suddenly these floaters appear, tempts people to interact and engage with the ads in a new way but making sure the user experience is intact and any adverse influence is curbed.

Expendable Ads: These Ads are expandable and we can click and choose to expand them. Even when the customer has not clicked there is significant chance of engagement and further videos, social media buttons and link back to websites are usually available.

Rich Media: Video streaming capability is present and is effective and display advertising catches the audience attention.

Filmstrip: Filmstrip provides a content-rich experience,it is a powerful branding canvas and can hover,scroll and clickon the creative parts.

Display Advertisement on Social Media:

Advertising on social media has become popular thanks to the availability of audience and the advertisements come at different costs. The implications are different based on the impressions and click which are further measured by parameters by click through rate. YouTube is a video sharing website and now operates as Google’s subsidiary and is a great platform for content. The YouTube advertisement allows users to skip after time limit of 5 or 10 seconds,and then further the ads will be targeted with respect to the users browsing history.

There are different types of advertisement like a display ad, overlay ad that is semi transparent, both of these are found in the desktop platform. Then there are skippable video ads while there are also non skippable video ads and some are long. The sponsored cards display relevant content ,and can see a teaser for few seconds and so on.

Pininterest and Instagram the base of subscribers are low but there is lot of engagement with imagery and also leveraging the Facebook insights for the latter. LinkedIn is extremely targeted mainly by job titles instead of features like demographics or interest.

Facebook is among the most popular social media sites and the audience preference of like, share and comment can be viewed and further specific targeting of the audience that is segmented based on demographics, age, locations, connections or interest areas and so on. Twitter also follows a similar technique of targeting customers based on relevance. Advertising on Twitter primarily reaches mobile devices and they can be promoted and as much as 65 percent revenue come from Mobile Tablets or Smart phones.

The best mix of formats and social media platforms can help achieving the company objectives and budget. Digital banners/Facebook banners is very important for Digital Marketing and for the Sales and Marketing of the Products .Design also plays an important role with the Mobile App UI Design, Website Design helps the business after the ads have driven traffic to the website/link.!!

Planning is the Key to Business through Advertisement


The Key Elements of Any Business Plan :

— Company Description

—  Management Team and Organization

—  Product &Services  Market and Competition

—  Marketing and Sales

—  Development and Production

—  Procurement and Logistics

—  Finance

Business philosophy:

—What is important to the business?

— Marketing target for Product?

—   target market?  Industry Relevance.

—  Growth industry?

—  Short term and long term Changes?

—  Company Advantages of Situation?

Customers is the core of any plan and hence Identify the target customer, their characteristics, and their geographic locations; i.e., demographics.

The description will be completely different depending on whether the plan to sell to other businesses or directly to consumers. Sales of a consumer product, through a channel of distributors, wholesalers and retailers, then important to carefully analyze both the end consumer and the middlemen businesses

There may be more than one customer group and hence Identify the most important groups. Then, for each consumer group, construct what is called a demographic profile: Age Gender Location Income level Social class/occupation Education and based on that advertisement has to be customized as we are targeting separately.

For business customers, the demographic factors might be: Industry (or portion of an industry) Location Size of firm Quality/technology/price preferences .After systematically analyzed the industry, the product, the customers and the competition, should have a strategic fit and niche what is unique to the company and the plan.

Competition What products and companies will compete with you? List the major competitors: Names & addresses Will they compete with in across the board, or just for certain products, certain customers, or in certain locations? Will there be important indirect competitors?

Advertising: How do we sell the product is best understood by the advertising strategy that has to be planned. What media, why, and how often? Why this mix and not some other? low cost methods to get the most out of the promotional budget? methods to be used other than paid advertising, such as trade shows, catalogs, dealer incentives, word of mouth (stimulation trigger), network of friends or professionals? What image to be projected? In addition to advertising, what plans do you have for graphic image support? This includes things like logo design and brand for the different buyer guide and catalogue, cards and letterhead, brochures, signage, and interior design. Fairs and public relation campaigns. Design in many form like leaflet and flyer design, pamphlet design. Digital Marketing and specially through Facebook/Digital banners is also very important and the sales and marketing presentation of product and also Repeat customer tracking and contact mechanism in Offline/Online Avenues.

Promotional Budget How much will you spend on the different promotional activities with the start up budget and the operational budget.

Proposed Location Analyze the location criteria as they will affect the customers. The convenience and competition based on that the location is key to footfall and sales thus can be used for further advertisement and display advertisement in these target geo locations.

Distribution Channels  Method of Sales of products/services? Retail Direct (mail order, web, catalog) Wholesaler, own sales force Agents Independent reps ,Bid on contracts

Sales Forecast Number crunching is important for sales forecast and  based upon historical sales, the marketing strategies, market research, and industry data.1) a “best guess”, which is optimistic  2) a “worst case” low estimate that is a pessimistic guess.

Unique Branding Strategies
What is Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is a term thrown around a lot these days. Different people have different definition of the word. In general sense of speaking marketing is a management process that studies the market place and creates demand for a product to satisfy a customer’s wants and needs. When all of this is done on the Internet it’s called Digital Marketing.
Digital marketing encompasses everything from attracting customers to your website or app to providing them with offers and in the process make sales.

It’s no surprise that more and more small businesses are implementing digital marketing to increase sales and spread awareness. Everything has become very easy since the advent of websites. Everyday its becoming more and more easy to build a website and host it too.

How do I take my business digital?

The first thing you need is a Website. You start with selecting a theme that matches your brandand then you move website designing, the most under rated task. Depending on your goals and objective you can make a the front page of your website called the landing page. Once the website is ready the next process will be to make sure that your website receives the maximum amount of organic traffic so that conversion to sales is easy.

What is a Landing Page And why is it important?

Landing pages are pages on which a customer reaches once they clicks the link. Here the landing page will be the front page of the website where the visitor lands. If we were to compare the landing page with traditional marketing, landing page is like the face of your showroom and hence it needs to be perfect.

After landing page is completed you can start with website designing. Now here’s a thing about website designing, it seems easy but once you start doing it you will realize you won’t get the required professional look. This is where a website designing firm can help you.

A uniform design theme across website, pamphlets, brochures, leaflet and flyer boosts the brands image and increases loyalty.

How will a good designing firm help me?

Just like home-made Biryani never tastes as good as a Hotel ordered Biryani, website made by an individual will never match the business standards of website made by a designing studio.

A fully serviced designing firm just like ours caters to all designing needs like
• Website Designing
• Brochures Designing
• Pamphlet Designing
• Facebook Banner Designing
• Mobile App Designing

With a design house you not only get professional work but the quality of work is also different. It provides a uniformity to all the communications and visuals sent out by you brand. Uniformity of communication becomes important because with so many “Me Too” companies out there an isolated message gets lost.

MoreViz is one of the best designing agency in Delhi, India. We have satisfied clients all across sectors and we continue to expand. All of this is possible because of our great team of subject experts who make sure that we deliver great quality work everytime.

Sign up to give your website a new look.

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Digital Marketing and its importance

Website Designing

Website Designing

The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past.”

-Tim Berners-Lee

When Sir Tim Berbers Lee, uploaded the first web page live on August 6, 1991, it engendered a new wave of digital revolution. People began using the World Wide Web as it became a way to accelerate their businesses and invariably, the economy. New companies popped up finding their niche in the virtual world. Companies with efficient websites were endorsed by customers and it became a sign of unofficial approval and trust.

Taking the business online with a simple website is one of the most important things for each and every business now particularly the ones rolling out now. A good website has lots of benefits attached to it including that it can be a competitive advantage for your business because it will reflect in the customer perception of your business and how they feel about you.

Today,it is not difficult to understand why most businesses are ready to pay top dollar for web design. Research says that3 out of 10 individuals fail to complete simple tasks on an average website. Common stumbling blocks consist of the website having too many steps, too much scrolling, unclear instructions, wrong or illegible text, difficult navigation etc.

A good web design can shoot up the conversion rates for your business. Easy navigation across all the web pages makes your website more accessible and the probability of visitors losing their interest because of loading time or inconvenience reduces and encourages your potential customers to spend more time on your website. Good content attracts lots of visitors and they should be targeted by using call-to-action. Research shows that using the word ‘free’ while asking visitors to sign up or download increases the conversion chances by 4.2%. Even simplest of the things like colour matters when it comes to web designing. You can go on researching which colour creates what perception in the minds of your visitors but it certainly matters.

The trust of a consumer can be instilled largely by the appearance and efficiency of your website. A good web design is the best way to communicate with consumers across the world and establish your position in the market. Not only should it act as a medium of information but also direct your visitors towards the strengths and assets of the company. An easy user-friendly interface will attract a wider audience and its smoothness will eventually strengthen company’s roots in the market and retain those customers for a longer time.

Having a great website is mere foreplay and is as good as putting a huge billboard in a desert if there are no relevant visitors. That is where digital marketing steps in. Digital marketing is more than just looking good online. It is about being found in a matter of nanoseconds by customers. Investing in a good design will help you convert clients who visit but investing in search engine optimisation will make the good design worthwhile; it will reach a wider range of audience when they need it and thereby getting more visitors.


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