tips to create sales flyers designs

Flyer Design Tips to Lift Your Sales


There can be different Sales flyers design to  market your Product. Flyer being one of the powerful ways to market your product, services and events.

Seemingly easy but a lot goes into designing a flyer. You’ll find a lot of ideas on images, color schemes, layout, fonts, typography and many more elements that are involved in making a fruitful flyer. Rather than going into the visuals here we’ll be focusing on effective flyer marketing i.e. getting attention, having recall power and urging for desired action from the viewers. 

Here are a few offbeat ideas for Flyer design that’ll jack up your sales.

1.    Make it Bizarre

Primary objective of any marketing communication is to gain attention and stand out from competitors. Making your flyer a bit unusual does the trick as such flyers can’t be ignored. Your design has to accomplish the task of catching the eye and pulling people for a closer look. It simply can be a peculiar mix of colours, a comical photo, a catchy slogan in a weird font etc.

2.   Keep it Uncluttered

To make a flyer unforgettable and eloquent one has to keep it simply uncluttered with lots of white space, which makes it easier for the viewer to focus on central message.

The idea is to make a robust statement in large font readable from a distance which has to be backed by attention grabbing picture, lastly add a large call to action.

3.  Print die-cut Flyers

Flyers shaped in alignment to your message have a better recall value, they stand out from the crowd and bring the desired result. e.g. a diamond/ring shaped flyer for jewelry designer or a bone shaped flyer for pet shop.

4.  Challenge Prospect

Instead of promising benefits, challenging someone is a sure shot way to get attention and can be a call for action, so, a flyer can bring the desired marketing boost by challenging the audience eg. a dog/cat food company can challenge viewers to make their pets compete with the animals fed on their product on health and beauty aspects.

5.  Use Customized Template

Customizing your flyer design as per your product and idea always upgrades your sales effort and results. Flyer design templates which are typically crafted for your business always motivate response. Getting a professional’s service for designing your business flyer can prove to be a great decision in terms of boosting your return on investment.


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