Brochure Designing Tip for Business

Brochures are versatile marketing tools. You can distribute them at trade shows, put them in brochure racks, send them via direct mail, and even publish them on your company website. Difference between making a good brochure and a great brochure is its Brochures designing.

You can always get predesigned brochure templates in today’s digital era but what if you want a bespoke one for your product/service.

Making a stunning brochure design starting with a clean slate can be a daunting task and its arduous to make such work outshine.

You can follow these helpful brochure designing guidelines to make all the difference:

Here are some Brilliant Brochure Designing Tips

Know your purpose before you start

Always start by questioning the need of a brochure i.e. Why you or your client thinks he needs a brochure and what all objectives are to be achieved by this brochure.

Limit your fonts

You don’t have to use all the fonts available to make your brochure design a hit. A heading, subheading and a body copy font are all that you need. Also, you don’t have to search for a font that has never been used before. There is always a corporate identity in place that goes along with the brochure and you have to keep that in mind.

Determine your paper

Paper thickness, finish and orientation must be in line with your product and company image and brand positioning. Determine the size and orientation to make sure you get all design considerations just right.

Get your copy right

Before even you begin with your designing process make sure that the content is ready as copy is one of the most crucial part of design concept. If any experiment needs to be done in terms of copy, do it in early stages only.

Put readers first

You always need to keep the end purpose in mind when pondering on how to design a brochure. Whether it’s a giveaway at an exhibition or a leave behind brochure? Or its in response to some request made?  Keep in mind the person who opens it, what will it convey to them? Design it for the end reader, not for the producer.

Use simple statements

Simple ideas put your point across in a much better way than a daunting mumbo-jumbo. To make your brochure stand out keep the design concepts simple and uncloudy. Avoid the use of lots of cliched images instead go for a literal statement about what you want to say.

Keep what works

Don’t try to be different just for the heck of it, use fonts and design with a reason – Be it being in line with the product idea and image or company’s overall marketing line, the readability, white space use etc. Brochures have to fit in with the business that you do, e.g. charities don’t require a luxury brochure which conveys they spent a lot of money on them.

Get the Images right

Your brochure has to be enjoyable to flick through and to accomplish this purpose you need good photos/images. Never take short cuts when it comes to images, your budget might not give you the liberty of a photo-shoot but still you can search for images that don’t look like stock images.

A professionally produced brochure suggests superior resources and an established reputation.

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