Start your Design Sans Colors

For any designer an important question when designing is whether to start with a simple black and white design and then move on to coloring or to keep it colored from the word ‘go’.

Let’s revisit our kindergarten, where we used to draw in pencil and after that color it heartily. It has its own advantages. So, when you start working on a project, always start designing in black and white first. It will be better if you use pen and paper.

It helps you focus on the basic aspects of designing like the arrangement, balance flow, navigation, usability, interaction and end user understanding. Initial version of the design needs to have just the lines, the elements and their interaction. Color comes in afterwards. This way of designing is quite beneficial.  Basically, you need to address the basics first and then move on to color schemes and gradients. Developing your screens in greyscale propels you to think with clarity and arrange things right when it comes to UX design.

Reasons to make initial design without color:

Increased focus on spacing and layout

When you are working in grey scale your focus is centered on spacing of things to make them look grouped together. Various important aspects like line height, typography, size, call to action buttons, grouping and spacing of elements are brought to focus and your thinking intensifies in that direction when working in black and white or in absence of colors.

Great for high-level brainstorming and collaboration

Early stages of design which are in B&W are better suited for feedbacks from clients and are great for brainstorming.  Early feedbacks make it easier for you to take your designs to next levels and saves your time of reiteration.

Designing come out well defined and minimalistic

Minimalistic well-defined designs are the outcome when we work on grey scale. These simple and clean designs are result of focus on size, spacing, functionality, element layout etc., which can be achieved by working in grey scale where we can gauge the visual weight between elements better.

Brings uniformity

After designing in grey scale and assigning visual weight to elements move on to coloring. Featuring too many colors diverts the attention from central areas so, it’s better to use lesser colors. Having a single brand color and using it selectively in the predesigned B&W version, is bound to draw viewer’s attention towards the best brand element and will have more recall power and impart brand identity.

So, you just need to forget colors when you start designing on Illustrator or any other tool you use. First complete your design in grey scale and then use your color palette.

Happy Designing 😊


Brochure Designing Tip for Business

Brochures are versatile marketing tools. You can distribute them at trade shows, put them in brochure racks, send them via direct mail, and even publish them on your company website. Difference between making a good brochure and a great brochure is its Brochures designing.

You can always get predesigned brochure templates in today’s digital era but what if you want a bespoke one for your product/service.

Making a stunning brochure design starting with a clean slate can be a daunting task and its arduous to make such work outshine.

You can follow these helpful brochure designing guidelines to make all the difference:

Here are some Brilliant Brochure Designing Tips

Know your purpose before you start

Always start by questioning the need of a brochure i.e. Why you or your client thinks he needs a brochure and what all objectives are to be achieved by this brochure.

Limit your fonts

You don’t have to use all the fonts available to make your brochure design a hit. A heading, subheading and a body copy font are all that you need. Also, you don’t have to search for a font that has never been used before. There is always a corporate identity in place that goes along with the brochure and you have to keep that in mind.

Determine your paper

Paper thickness, finish and orientation must be in line with your product and company image and brand positioning. Determine the size and orientation to make sure you get all design considerations just right.

Get your copy right

Before even you begin with your designing process make sure that the content is ready as copy is one of the most crucial part of design concept. If any experiment needs to be done in terms of copy, do it in early stages only.

Put readers first

You always need to keep the end purpose in mind when pondering on how to design a brochure. Whether it’s a giveaway at an exhibition or a leave behind brochure? Or its in response to some request made?  Keep in mind the person who opens it, what will it convey to them? Design it for the end reader, not for the producer.

Use simple statements

Simple ideas put your point across in a much better way than a daunting mumbo-jumbo. To make your brochure stand out keep the design concepts simple and uncloudy. Avoid the use of lots of cliched images instead go for a literal statement about what you want to say.

Keep what works

Don’t try to be different just for the heck of it, use fonts and design with a reason – Be it being in line with the product idea and image or company’s overall marketing line, the readability, white space use etc. Brochures have to fit in with the business that you do, e.g. charities don’t require a luxury brochure which conveys they spent a lot of money on them.

Get the Images right

Your brochure has to be enjoyable to flick through and to accomplish this purpose you need good photos/images. Never take short cuts when it comes to images, your budget might not give you the liberty of a photo-shoot but still you can search for images that don’t look like stock images.

A professionally produced brochure suggests superior resources and an established reputation.

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tips to create sales flyers designs

Flyer Design Tips to Lift Your Sales


There can be different Sales flyers design to  market your Product. Flyer being one of the powerful ways to market your product, services and events.

Seemingly easy but a lot goes into designing a flyer. You’ll find a lot of ideas on images, color schemes, layout, fonts, typography and many more elements that are involved in making a fruitful flyer. Rather than going into the visuals here we’ll be focusing on effective flyer marketing i.e. getting attention, having recall power and urging for desired action from the viewers. 

Here are a few offbeat ideas for Flyer design that’ll jack up your sales.

1.    Make it Bizarre

Primary objective of any marketing communication is to gain attention and stand out from competitors. Making your flyer a bit unusual does the trick as such flyers can’t be ignored. Your design has to accomplish the task of catching the eye and pulling people for a closer look. It simply can be a peculiar mix of colours, a comical photo, a catchy slogan in a weird font etc.

2.   Keep it Uncluttered

To make a flyer unforgettable and eloquent one has to keep it simply uncluttered with lots of white space, which makes it easier for the viewer to focus on central message.

The idea is to make a robust statement in large font readable from a distance which has to be backed by attention grabbing picture, lastly add a large call to action.

3.  Print die-cut Flyers

Flyers shaped in alignment to your message have a better recall value, they stand out from the crowd and bring the desired result. e.g. a diamond/ring shaped flyer for jewelry designer or a bone shaped flyer for pet shop.

4.  Challenge Prospect

Instead of promising benefits, challenging someone is a sure shot way to get attention and can be a call for action, so, a flyer can bring the desired marketing boost by challenging the audience eg. a dog/cat food company can challenge viewers to make their pets compete with the animals fed on their product on health and beauty aspects.

5.  Use Customized Template

Customizing your flyer design as per your product and idea always upgrades your sales effort and results. Flyer design templates which are typically crafted for your business always motivate response. Getting a professional’s service for designing your business flyer can prove to be a great decision in terms of boosting your return on investment.


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guide for Successful Marketing Strategy campaign

Strategy to Successful Marketing : Avenues and Platforms

Successful Marketing Strategy Campaign Guide:

Social Buttons and Interlinking

It is highly desirable to have the social network links to be embedded by social buttons within the site to have an social effective media interface and improve the marketing communication channel visibility. Share buttons should also be prominently displayed to encourage customer response of the user stories and winners to be chosen and rewarded.\


The website design has to be customer experience oriented to retain the customer as well. The Mobile App UI Design has to be graphical and user friendly for background pattern, icons and even the typography


The inbound traffic to website can be increased by conducting competitions through the official handles and develop trust among customers. Personalized T-shirts can be given for the winners and also including the website URL.

Influencer Coverage

Influencers should be identified and be given free offer of usage of the website ,their testimonials can drive up the sales and Instagram is a highly engaging platform where this technique is used for higher average order value.


Cover the bloggers, vloggers for their opinions and create a buzz about their aura so that there is limelight on the website reviewers and the review as well.

Social Media 

Facebook Banners and interaction in fan pages, public groups and Invest in Ads to improve the sales and helps in brand promotion. Also, storytelling in a creative way in PinInterest, Instagram and Vine can create a viral campaign. Online Referrals should be encouraged.


AdWords is Google’s hugely popular pay-per-click advertising network that allows online retailers to place advertisements that can be utilized. Also target E-Zine Advertisers.

Email Marketing

Create database of the users of the website and send mails/newsletters  regarding the products and discounts available.

Offline Avenues

PR Stunt: A Public Relation stunt to be clearly identified to win customers combined with a sales and marketing presentations

Sponsor an Event: Sponsor a small event for a cause that could include of technical minded people who could be future potential customers.

Pop-up Store:
A pop-up store at art fairs, shopping malls, galleries where there is a huge crowd can be used to showcase the brand and educate the significance.

Design Work: Window clings as well as newsletters, bumper stickers, coffee cups and Flyer design in Newspaper with information about the business. Pamphlet designed with info graphics and leaflet Designing with feature and similarly the Brochures designing has to be done with diligence .The logo and brand guidelines cover the design characteristics and has to be intrinsic and meaningful with coherence.

Postcards/Bookmarks: Mail out postcards and Bookmarks for libraries with the Website URL. Even Pens and Magnets with the URL can be deployed and distributed.

Publications: Publish Advertisements in directories, PTA booklets which are not expensive.

Buyer Guides/Catalogues: 
This is an opportunity to present the plethora of features combined with purpose and aesthetics

Digital Marketing through Advertising

Digital Marketing through Advertising

Advertising – The visuals and aesthetics form a part of website and is important from a design point of view. However there are also definitive different types of creative advertisement format as following:

Animated: These format usually has a animated leader board.

Static: Strong and Simple Ads mostly

Floating Ads: Disrupt the navigation as suddenly these floaters appear, tempts people to interact and engage with the ads in a new way but making sure the user experience is intact and any adverse influence is curbed.

Expendable Ads: These Ads are expandable and we can click and choose to expand them. Even when the customer has not clicked there is significant chance of engagement and further videos, social media buttons and link back to websites are usually available.

Rich Media: Video streaming capability is present and is effective and display advertising catches the audience attention.

Filmstrip: Filmstrip provides a content-rich experience,it is a powerful branding canvas and can hover,scroll and clickon the creative parts.

Display Advertisement on Social Media:

Advertising on social media has become popular thanks to the availability of audience and the advertisements come at different costs. The implications are different based on the impressions and click which are further measured by parameters by click through rate. YouTube is a video sharing website and now operates as Google’s subsidiary and is a great platform for content. The YouTube advertisement allows users to skip after time limit of 5 or 10 seconds,and then further the ads will be targeted with respect to the users browsing history.

There are different types of advertisement like a display ad, overlay ad that is semi transparent, both of these are found in the desktop platform. Then there are skippable video ads while there are also non skippable video ads and some are long. The sponsored cards display relevant content ,and can see a teaser for few seconds and so on.

Pininterest and Instagram the base of subscribers are low but there is lot of engagement with imagery and also leveraging the Facebook insights for the latter. LinkedIn is extremely targeted mainly by job titles instead of features like demographics or interest.

Facebook is among the most popular social media sites and the audience preference of like, share and comment can be viewed and further specific targeting of the audience that is segmented based on demographics, age, locations, connections or interest areas and so on. Twitter also follows a similar technique of targeting customers based on relevance. Advertising on Twitter primarily reaches mobile devices and they can be promoted and as much as 65 percent revenue come from Mobile Tablets or Smart phones.

The best mix of formats and social media platforms can help achieving the company objectives and budget. Digital banners/Facebook banners is very important for Digital Marketing and for the Sales and Marketing of the Products .Design also plays an important role with the Mobile App UI Design, Website Design helps the business after the ads have driven traffic to the website/link.!!

How to choose colors and fonts that fit your brand

How does one opt for the proper colors and fonts for your brand, website, and different stigmatization pieces? Loads of business homeowners can tell you they merely opt for “what they like,” and that’s not a nasty place to begin.

But, if you actually wish to determine and maintain an identity that’s aiming to assist you connect with customers over a few years, there are a unit a couple of belongings you ought to take into account before creating a final decision…

Go for feeling first –

each color elicits a distinct reasonably feeling or response. Some area unit softer and cooler, whereas others feel a lot of hot and fascinating. Consider the tone you wish to line (professional, exciting, soothing etc.) and choose a color that matches it.

Let your words tell a story –

within the same method that colors convey feeling, therefore do fonts. Some feel a lot of formal, whereas others prefer the area unit to belight-weight and eccentric. You certainly wish one thing that’s straightforward to browse at any size or zoom level; however you ought to conjointly listen to what your font’s area unit “saying” outside of the text itself.

Always Poll your customers –

Ultimately, your customers are the onesthose who ought to reply to your stigmatization and selling. So, if you aren’t extremely certain regarding the New Look you’re going for, consider asking a couple of them for theiropinions.

Our Clients look forward to Moreviz for color inspiration because we design stunning color palettes to assist your brand to catch the attention it deserves.
In the end, it’s up to you to settle on the colors and fonts that employment for your company. However,with a proper style team execution’s, it provides you with choices that is applicable for your market and temperament. Why not connect with the Moreviz team and allow us to begin planning the visual presence you need?

Flyers and Leaflets Design

Flyers and Leaflets Design in Delhi 

For any business promotional/ marketing activity Flyers and leaflets printing are required. To get your brand to reach out to the masses Flyer are the best way. At low cost Best quality flyers can be printed. On paper featuring your personal designs flyers are promotional tools printed and often distributed by hand so they usually relay information about businesses / events. Around your company’s look and needs this product is easy to design & is a great way gets people talking about your business.
Custom Flyers design

To communicate potential customers Flyers have long been considered an excellent method. to the usual society To get your message out there in order to manage effectively the flyers need to be able to attract the best audience and catch their attention. Moreviz interactive design tool for flyer maker helps your flyer to look professional while keeping the design process quick and easy with the best price whether you are looking to build a flyer online for your business, club, or school, event. It should be noted that they are still very effective only if done right although this is an old-school method to print flyers & distribute them with respect to design of the flyers the below items should be considered always.

1. The Good-looking attractive design
2. The rightly articulated marketing information.
3. The Clearly written address & contact information
4. The Right placement of offers and pricing
5. To ensure the right paper quality is selected
6. The Great color spread.

Business leaflet design

To select a graphic creator gone are the days of needing to design anything that looks especially good. We have developed color themes that can be applied with a click of a button & added tones of stylish fonts there and all of that makes creating flyer fun, fast and simple. About new products and services they are the easy way to spread the word that create buzz around sales and events for target specific audiences. for your brand Professional and creative Leaflets are required to speak out loud. To your target customers they convey the required marketing and promotional message and bring in enough leads & converts to your business always. The Best leaflet design can be done online or offline with the help of Moreviz design tool.

Company flyer design / Business flyer design

For material for marketing campaign of any company Promotional flyer are the heart of distributional. Always get best quality promo flyers / company flyers design & print done online in Delhi NCR and Agra for best prices. You can choose from over 200+ sellers across whole India to get your business flyer design printed we give the services.

Full color flyers

About your marketing campaign Full color flyer speak loud & clear to the potential customers. With full color flyers to the customers get your marketing message conveyed in the right fashion through the designing and printing of flyers from Moreviz.

Double sided flyer

A flyer too can have 2 sides like a coin. Get it printed by using the real estate of your flyer wisely. To convey your promotions to the end customer’s double-sided flyers are the best with full colors. For utilizing the resources completely, two sided flyer printing is the wise way. Get your branding done well by adding your messages to both sides of the flyers effectively. You will be able to view the double-sided flyer mockup for its precision and quality Once you create the design,.

Bulk flyer printing

Provide the specifications of the flyers & the design to be printed on it , to get bulk flyers printing. For quotation from the print shops near you listed in the website, Upload the design and specify the flyer specifications and choose the sellers and either book online / request. With the print shops across Delhi NCR and Agra , get the quotes instantly and communicate seamlessly.

Printing cost of flyers in India

The price for flyer printing are dependent on the paper type, size & quality of the print required which sometime starts from Rs.0.80 per flyer to get printed for a basic type of paper and print quality.
Flyer and leaflets templates

With good quality flyer templates, read on to discover a few ways to make an eye-catching flyer along with tips for creating effective flyers. You’ll see how quickly and easily you can create an awesome flyer .you can Start from our templates that matches your business already or builds from our blank layouts. Don’t despair If you aren’t finding the perfect template to start from because have created thousands of blank templates that you can use to jumpstart your design and Just select a layout you like and easily change the color theme and insert images and make it all your own by using our services by our great team.

Flyers and leaflets printing online India

We offer you the widest range of specifications and an ocean of templates to choose from customization options. Develop your unique flyer design by choosing one of these attractive templates and go on. Start customizing right away! And you may also convert your unique design into a template and share it with us.
Custom printed flyers
You may choose your choice of colors, sizes, folds, and so much more and add your layers of creativity to it! Flyers like never before! For you this is the best place and opportunity to let loose your imagination and let your creativity speak. Moreviz is your one stop opportunity to get the best flyer for your business right away.

Brochures Designing in Delhi

Business Brochures Designing Company in Delhi

Brochures Designing in Delhi – From various businesses we’ve all received brochures & most of the time they all have one thing in common that they’re boring…!
You feel like you’re about to read a full length novel, whether they’re packed with so much information so plain you feel like you’re sitting in the dentist’s office and brochures tend to get a bad rap..
Here are some ways to step up your brochure design.

Always think simple:-

Simple design doesn’t have to be boring and Simple design can be incredibly effective. On a white background in this brochure, the title is embossed in a simple, clean typeface. It still translates well, the effect is very clean and modern, and though there isn’t much contrast. The embossing can be carried throughout the interior and also adds an interesting texture to the brochure.

Consider functionality:-

Brochure looks simple enough at first glance. The cover is folded out and reveals a beautiful floral pattern that complements the bright red of the introductory page once it’s opened though. Even if it’s as simple as hiding away pretty flowers small surprises for your viewers can make a big impact.

Create impact with simple shapes:-

On these brochures geographic shapes made to look like callouts have a fun effect. As if it really is calling out against the background the pop of color helps to bring the message forward. Adding yet another element of interest, the cuts also create a cool three dimensional look.

Keep it linear:

At the center brochures don’t have to fold booklets bound. In a variety of different ways they can stretch out. As a whole if you choose here, an accordion shape is useing which allows you to view the entire brochure rather than flipping through each page.

Reflect graphics physically:-

The graphic elements are reflecting in the folds of the paper in this ‘epic’ brochure. The brightly colors triangles become the pages containing the information. As a whole this makes the brochure very cohesive and each element working together to create a solid piece.

Be creative with your inserts:-

Inside your brochure if you plan on including physical items whether it is a cd, DVD, or something of the like, display it in an interesting way. In the back you’re not limiting to a simple sleeve. Inviting you to take it here the cd pops out to you. To the interior the shape of the pop out gives dimension which would otherwise be very flat.

Think outside the ‘pamphlet’:-

With your brochure design this is an excellent example of being incredibly creative. Pamphlet like structure and into something interactive and three-dimensional stepping away from the flat. It always engages the viewer which in case of user creates a lasting impression. For a brochure this design can spark a number of other

Incorporate shapes:-

They don’t even have to be square and your pages don’t need to be rectangular, they can be circles, triangles, hearts, whatever suits your business best. In this example, the circles all fold in over each other, when you move each page to reveal what’s underneath which create an interesting action.

These are some of the ways to create an awesome brochure and there’s no excuse not to and they can fulfill any need you have and look a variety of different ways. Always consider what customer like to see.

Keep all of these tips in mind and you’ll be sure to create a great brochure!
We have a great dedicated team for such kinds of work and we are dealing in Delhi NCR and Agra region Uttar Pradesh. Get in touch to make it worth accordingly for your business to attract more to your customers using this technique which will also flaunt the quality of the services you are giving..!!
Stay serving the services you deal with your customer with this smarter way..!!

Corporate Brochures Designing, Business Brochures Designing Service, Bi- Fold Brochures design Services and Tri- Fold Brochures Designing Services offered by Moreviz Delhi, Agra, India.

Facebook Banner/ Digital Banners

October 27, 1994, the first ever banner advertisement was run online, thus starting a revolution in advertising and web content that still reverberates today. Of course, with the passage of time, it is not easy to just create a banner advertisement and create a revolution. The first banner ad asked the users to click on the banner which took them to another page. This is quite difficult these days, as people rarely click banner advertisement. Your banner needs to be unique and attractive to the users to enable them to click it.

Just like social media is the new way of life, Facebook/Digital banners are trendsetting. Facebook/Digital banners, a form of display advertising is on the rise. It is mandatory to educate your customers of your work in the short time that they have allotted for you. Static image banner or an animated banner is the way to exploit the little of the customer’s time you have.

Facebook/Digital banners are intended to generate traffic to a website or like regular banner advertisements, to inform and notify about a new product. Facebook/Digital banners can also be used to increase brand awareness, to make prospective customers easily recognise the brand, its logo or the slogan. A brand name, its distinctive colour, its logo, etc. becomes very recognisable only when people keep seeing it wherever they see. For example, the distinctive colour of coca cola is recognisable to anyone and Coke is the second most recognisable word in the world. In today’s world, where the time spent on social media is increasing at an exponential rate, Facebook/Digital banner is the way to make a brand very recognisable.

Facebook/Digital banners are also excellent for lead generation. For companies providing software as a service Facebook/Digital banners can be used to advertise to increase the prospective customers visiting the site or to increase the number of sign ups in your website. Any new products or service has been introduced and is explained in your website can be easily accessed using Facebook/Digital banner advertisements.

Facebook/Digital banner advertisement can also be used to retarget your audience. If someone has visited your website, but hasn’t signed up can be retargeted again. This will increase their chance of signing up. If a prospective customer has seen your product, but hasn’t bought it can be retargeted again through Facebook/Digital banner advertisement. People who have visited the website had done so because they were interested. Retargeting them will increase their interest and in turn increase the chance of them becoming a customer.

Facebook/Digital advertising are also effective because it can be easily measured. How many people have actually clicked your banner can be easily measured through the click through rate (CTR). CTR is calculated by dividing the number of users who clicked your advertisement to the number of impressions, i.e. the number of times your banner was displayed. The higher the CTR, the more effective the Facebook/Digital banner advertisement is.

We have an expert team who will help you achieve all these. If you are in Agra and Delhi NCR, grab this chance and give us the opportunity to bring your Facebook/Digital banners to life!

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Facebook/Digital banner design! Make your product/service more attractive by just contacting us!


Facebook banner/ Digital Banners Services in Delhi India

Pamphlet Designing

Pamphlet Designing Company For promoting an initiative Pamphlets are perfect that you think needs more awareness. On a cause or campaign if you want to educate a certain demographic than you might want to make a pamphlet about the topic. For the target audience learning ways to keep your pamphlet concise& reader-friendly can help you best present your information. Don’t just let it sit around once you’ve designed and printed your pamphlet , To spread the word pass your pamphlet out to local businesses and organizations.

1. Pamphlet Designing of your pamphlet determine the purpose and target audience first. Who will most likely read your pamphlet knowing the demographic can help you choose the text and images that will be most effective. Based on who would find the information most useful Narrow your audience down to a specific group of people.

with your business or organization do research on your target demographic online and Find out what values are important to them, what their general needs are, and what their relationship is. Around your pamphlet’s audience this will help you tailor your information and select images that will emotionally move them.

2. To create your pamphlet use a Pamphlet designing program. This will help you make yours quickly and easily Programs with a pamphlet template. with a pamphlet template or find another online , choose one of the following popular programs:
• Microsoft Word
• Google Docs
• Adobe In Design
• Lucid Press etc
3. Always do use images that will provoke an emotional response in the eye of reader. Images that are dull or generic try to avoid those images, like clip art. Always choose images that are relevant to the purpose of your pamphlet and that will encourage your audience to take action in some way.
• To use any images you put on the pamphlet make sure you have the proper license.
• Throughout the pamphlet keep a consistent style of imagery. Always avoid:- for example : switching between drawings & photography

4. Because you don’t know which side of the pamphlet a reader will see first, On both sides of the pamphlet Include your logo. Organization’s logo to both

5. Sides of the pamphlet will add your businesses or for quickly will help them understand what the pamphlet is all about. If readers are interested, they can research more about your organization online so always make sure your logo is clear and visible to audience.

6. Before designing it online make a sketch of your pamphlet. For displaying different information most pamphlets have 6 sides and each of which can be dedicated. On each side of the pamphlet before making it online plan out what information and images you want to put.

• To sketch out your pamphlet you don’t have to be an excellent artist. Write what you want to include in that area instead if you can’t sketch a certain image or design,.
• Before creating it online show your pamphlet draft to other people involved in your business or organization.

7. For the Pamphlet Designing a front and back cover. Where you design your cover the front and back panels should be there. On the back include your title, a few eye-catching images. Your company or organization’s name, and any social media page names you have. As you will add more information in the inside panels try to keep any specific

stay connected with the same as we are ready to serve the Pamphlet Designing Services in Delhi NCR.


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