Advertisement the path towards sales

Advertisement and sales promotion :

 The significance and the kind of Advertisement and sales promotion vary strongly among markets. It has to be carried out a planning of advertising for consumer goods, that are bought regularly (e.g. foods and toiletries), and for durable consumer goods. The plan has to include the main advertising message and budget, the selection of advertising media (television, journals, daily papers and so forth) as well as possible cooperation with advertising, sales promotion and public relation agencies.

The selection and suitability of advertising media are mainly determined by the Advertisement goals as well as by geographical, quantitative and qualitative access to the target customers (generations, income levels, residence etc.). The annual media analysis helps by displaying the audiovisual habits and literacy as well as the media coverage. Sales promotion in the field of consumer business should be planned extremely carefully, in order to ensure their acceptance with the retailers, as well as their sales potential and eventual success.

Companies, that do not produce a branded product for the final consumer, but semi finished products or components for other companies, advertising and sales promotion are mainly limited to the various avenues of brochures, fairs and public relation campaigns. Design in many form like leaflet and flyer design, pamphlet design, brochure design along with logo and brand for the different buyer guide and catalogue. Digital Marketing and specially through Facebook/Digital banners is also very important and the sales and marketing presentation of the product.

Sales Strategy:

The sales strategy is based on the marketing strategy and turns it into sales objectives. The following goals should be kept in mind with respect to the sales strategy:

• Which customers should be contacted in what frequency?
• Which key customers should be paid special attention ?
• Analysis of the causes of customer loss? Conclusions derived from that?
• Are the right customers tracked, especially the ones possessing the highest growth potential?
• Are the different prospects catered with customization?
.How should distribution be expanded? Which market objectives are defined for the individual customers?
• Which profit margin goals are defined for the individual customers?
• With which organizational type should the market be approached?

The implementation of the sales strategy in the sales goals allows the development of the sales organization and the corresponding processes. On the one hand within the framework of a sales plan, you should describe your current situation, on the other hand does it outline a roadmap which helps you achieve your future goals and objectives. In the following we will discuss the basic issues of a sales organization and the basic elements of a sales plan.

Your Sales plan:

The business plan should include a sales plan for future, which summarizes sales targets according to markets and caters to customers and  describes the basic sales activities with their risks along a timeline and contains detailed allocation of distribution expenses.

Ideally the sales plan should capture following topics:
• planning of the sales,
• planning the customers and
• planning the sales area.

The customer plan covers the customer-oriented sale budget and corresponds to the sales plan. After defining the markets, the opportunity to characterize, structure and evaluate  customers within the different markets is paramount

Facebook banner

How Digital Banners can help your Brand Recall and Increase Customer Loyalty

Having a digital presence is imperative for any business. It is a cost effective means of engaging and interacting with your existing and potential customers. The social media posts and activities create a perception about your business in the minds of your target group. Any business’ Facebook or digital banners on any other platforms create a long lasting impression on visitor. Hence it is very important to get these basics right for any business.

Small businesses usually make the mistake of not taking their digital banners seriously and just use images from google instead of getting their banners crafted professionally. There as many reasons why one should get their banners made from professionals in order to get the most from these banners.

Humans are visual creatures

It is a well-known fact that more than half of the human brain is engaged in processing information in visual form. People are generally more easily stimulated by an image or a graphic design when compared with text. It makes these visual tools a more effective tool for the marketers and represent your brand correctly on digital mediums. Images require less time to process and have the power to attract people’s attention and stay in their memory for a longer time than words. Since you have a limited time at your disposal to engage with your customers, these creative play very important role in brand recall.

Shape how others perceive you

Your profile picture, cover picture or any other creative for that matter is a reflection of your business. It carries the image that you want to portray to your customers or potential customers who visit your facebook page or come across your digital banner online. These play an important role in shaping perception of your brand in the mind of your target group. The visitor will like, follow or subscribe your social media handle depends heavily on how he thinks of your brand and these digital banners play an important part in shaping their perception.

Brand Recall

The main purpose of branding is to create loyalty among its customers. The logo, the designs, the creative and banners are such aspects of your brand which help you differentiate from your competitors and better brand recognition. Your brand’s logo or any other branded creative has a way better chance to be remembered by your target group who have seen it on your social media.

Over the years, posting pictures on facebook has evolved from just a cover picture to an effective marketing tool.

If you want people to take your brand seriously, then just a copy-pasted creative will not work. Your business needs an authentic, unique, professional and brand-related banner for that purpose.

Every successful business is now focusing on these small things for larger benefits. Be it any successful bussiness’ facebook page, their banners are professional, unique and closely integrated with their brand. If you look forward to joining their ranks, you need to get in touch with professional agency which understands your business and provides digital solutions accordingly.

Planning is the Key to Business through Advertisement


The Key Elements of Any Business Plan :

— Company Description

—  Management Team and Organization

—  Product &Services  Market and Competition

—  Marketing and Sales

—  Development and Production

—  Procurement and Logistics

—  Finance

Business philosophy:

—What is important to the business?

— Marketing target for Product?

—   target market?  Industry Relevance.

—  Growth industry?

—  Short term and long term Changes?

—  Company Advantages of Situation?

Customers is the core of any plan and hence Identify the target customer, their characteristics, and their geographic locations; i.e., demographics.

The description will be completely different depending on whether the plan to sell to other businesses or directly to consumers. Sales of a consumer product, through a channel of distributors, wholesalers and retailers, then important to carefully analyze both the end consumer and the middlemen businesses

There may be more than one customer group and hence Identify the most important groups. Then, for each consumer group, construct what is called a demographic profile: Age Gender Location Income level Social class/occupation Education and based on that advertisement has to be customized as we are targeting separately.

For business customers, the demographic factors might be: Industry (or portion of an industry) Location Size of firm Quality/technology/price preferences .After systematically analyzed the industry, the product, the customers and the competition, should have a strategic fit and niche what is unique to the company and the plan.

Competition What products and companies will compete with you? List the major competitors: Names & addresses Will they compete with in across the board, or just for certain products, certain customers, or in certain locations? Will there be important indirect competitors?

Advertising: How do we sell the product is best understood by the advertising strategy that has to be planned. What media, why, and how often? Why this mix and not some other? low cost methods to get the most out of the promotional budget? methods to be used other than paid advertising, such as trade shows, catalogs, dealer incentives, word of mouth (stimulation trigger), network of friends or professionals? What image to be projected? In addition to advertising, what plans do you have for graphic image support? This includes things like logo design and brand for the different buyer guide and catalogue, cards and letterhead, brochures, signage, and interior design. Fairs and public relation campaigns. Design in many form like leaflet and flyer design, pamphlet design. Digital Marketing and specially through Facebook/Digital banners is also very important and the sales and marketing presentation of product and also Repeat customer tracking and contact mechanism in Offline/Online Avenues.

Promotional Budget How much will you spend on the different promotional activities with the start up budget and the operational budget.

Proposed Location Analyze the location criteria as they will affect the customers. The convenience and competition based on that the location is key to footfall and sales thus can be used for further advertisement and display advertisement in these target geo locations.

Distribution Channels  Method of Sales of products/services? Retail Direct (mail order, web, catalog) Wholesaler, own sales force Agents Independent reps ,Bid on contracts

Sales Forecast Number crunching is important for sales forecast and  based upon historical sales, the marketing strategies, market research, and industry data.1) a “best guess”, which is optimistic  2) a “worst case” low estimate that is a pessimistic guess.

What is Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is a term thrown around a lot these days. Different people have different definition of the word. In general sense of speaking marketing is a management process that studies the market place and creates demand for a product to satisfy a customer’s wants and needs. When all of this is done on the Internet it’s called Digital Marketing.
Digital marketing encompasses everything from attracting customers to your website or app to providing them with offers and in the process make sales.

It’s no surprise that more and more small businesses are implementing digital marketing to increase sales and spread awareness. Everything has become very easy since the advent of websites. Everyday its becoming more and more easy to build a website and host it too.

How do I take my business digital?

The first thing you need is a Website. You start with selecting a theme that matches your brandand then you move website designing, the most under rated task. Depending on your goals and objective you can make a the front page of your website called the landing page. Once the website is ready the next process will be to make sure that your website receives the maximum amount of organic traffic so that conversion to sales is easy.

What is a Landing Page And why is it important?

Landing pages are pages on which a customer reaches once they clicks the link. Here the landing page will be the front page of the website where the visitor lands. If we were to compare the landing page with traditional marketing, landing page is like the face of your showroom and hence it needs to be perfect.

After landing page is completed you can start with website designing. Now here’s a thing about website designing, it seems easy but once you start doing it you will realize you won’t get the required professional look. This is where a website designing firm can help you.

A uniform design theme across website, pamphlets, brochures, leaflet and flyer boosts the brands image and increases loyalty.

How will a good designing firm help me?

Just like home-made Biryani never tastes as good as a Hotel ordered Biryani, website made by an individual will never match the business standards of website made by a designing studio.

A fully serviced designing firm just like ours caters to all designing needs like
• Website Designing
• Brochures Designing
• Pamphlet Designing
• Facebook Banner Designing
• Mobile App Designing

With a design house you not only get professional work but the quality of work is also different. It provides a uniformity to all the communications and visuals sent out by you brand. Uniformity of communication becomes important because with so many “Me Too” companies out there an isolated message gets lost.

MoreViz is one of the best designing agency in Delhi, India. We have satisfied clients all across sectors and we continue to expand. All of this is possible because of our great team of subject experts who make sure that we deliver great quality work everytime.

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Social Media Post Title

Digital Marketing and its importance

Sales and Marketing Presentation

There are Top 10 Sales and Marketing Presentation tips :-

1. Add some innovation

For presentation presenter of any company needs to get rid of traditional PowerPoint slides. This can be done by different sources like FPPT for downloading some effective business presentation templates or sales & marketing PowerPoint    PPT Template or even Slide  . we can create some unique graphics that is being capable of grabbing attention from audience at once & even you can easily manipulate the PowerPoint graphics & design using shapes, change its colors, duplicate shapes or even modify the shapes for applying 3D effects to your charts and graphics.

2. Enthusiasm

The Presenter from any company , institute or from anywhere needs to be confident & full of enthusiasm so that he / she is capable of fulfilling main motive of presentation by convincing some of the members to purchase the products that are being marketed.

3. The Humor Factor

Into your presentation try adding humor factor as it will add a new charm into your speech. Moreover, they will listen to you attentively throughout the presentation and audience will also feel more energetic.

4. Tell a Story

To purchase the product, include a convincing story which can motivate your audience which is being marketed by your presentation. Tell a story in your presentations you can use free story board templates and storytelling tools. To use for storytelling in sales & marketing presentations here are some examples of tools that you can learn.

5. Set SMART goals and Objectives

Goals and objectives must be provided as a brief overview and make sure these goals can be achievable. To help you setting up the goals, SMART Goals is a good framework. To motivate the listeners you must need to have strong convincing power so that you can ask for their suggestions and can assess their reactions so that you can overcome shortcomings of the product. For customers, communicate unique features of your product that can be advantageous for customers.

6. Avoid overcrowding of slides

While designing a PowerPoint presentation remember, less is more rule is apply. With excessive pictures or animation schemes try to avert cluttering your slides as it may distract listeners’ attention and focus off your presentation thereby affecting sales motive.

7. Keep it simple

Using heavy words while delivering a presentation may affect understand ability because gathering can be mix of all type peoples so we must keep these things in mind so that speech can be understood by everyone to gain more advantage. For the product, you can always add graphical representation depicting sales & success and can use different colors to make it even more impressive.

8. Discuss about key benefits

Whether it is a customer or a company owner, everyone wants to earn profit. Towards a better benefit situation, including prominent benefits associated with the product being marketed would definitely lead the presenter. You can download the free key benefits slide design and templates if you require for making a slide on key benefits or can make a custom layout design with space to add your key benefits in a slide.

9. Make a strong connection bond with the customers

To persuade customers always strong bond needs to be developed with the customers in the market so that customers purchase the products or services that are being marketed.

10. Believe in your Product or service

It is really important to have faith in your product. To convince the audience if the presenter will not be confident about his / her product then he/she will be not be able to present the product benefits and it will make a bad impression about the product.
Into your marketing presentation always try to implement all the above mentioned tips if you want to win better sales.
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 Sales and Marketing Presentation Services in Delhi India

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services in Delhi

In India Digital marketing is rising with fast pace. For competitive advantage many Indian companies are using digital marketing. By digital marketings only; Success of marketing campaign cannot be solely achieved.
The digital marketing which is been getting used by Startups who use it many times got failed. For effective implementation of digital marketings this study shows precautions to be taken to reap tremendous potential to increase in sales.

For marketing products or Services, Digital Marketing is any form which involves electronic devices. Online and offline it can do. To achieve marketing objectives; Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing or Pay per Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Web Analytics, Marketing Automation, Content Writing & Rate Optimization is the popular and most-demanded areas in digital marketing.

With e-marketers it is the creative use of management information system and technology which supports customer’s interaction. To set brands and grab opportunities marketers need to use technology and information and intuition. The way of doing business, E-Commerce has unleashed the revolution which is changing a lot.

Here are some facts about Indian Digital Marketing Industry to let you know —

• In the world India has one of the largest and fastest Growing populations of Internet users which is like —190 million as of June 2015 and its still growing Rapidly.
• Internet Users Mark in 2020, According to a report, India will cross 500 million users.
• Digital Marketing Industry is all about worth $62 billion
• As per eMarketer, mobile phones and tablets advertising via rose 180 percent to $4 billion in 2014

Reasons for rise in Digital Marketing in Delhi India:-

Of other digital industries such as e- commerce, digital advertising and so on Increase in internet penetration in the country has led to a substantial growth. The Indian digital marketplace and what it holds for the years to come and latest trends in digital marketing in India in web usage, mobile and search, social networking, shopping and online video are shaping this.

Online retail is on the rise:-

Online retail sites are getting visiting 60% of web users in India. Over 50 per cent of sales In these product categories take place in non-metro cities Of the total online market products, consumer durables account for 34 per cent, apparel and accessories 30 per cent, books 15 per cent, beauty and personal care 10 per cent, and home and furnishing 6 per cent.

Majority of screen time still captured by Social media:-

A social networking site is  getting visit  86% Indian web users.
By an average user 214 minutes are spending on Facebook.
In the last 12 months there is 30% increase in Facebook visitors
Pinterest and Tumblr are the fastest growing networks and Facebook continues to be the number one social network and LinkedIn as number two.


So, to achieve marketing objectives digital marketings is about utilizing digital technology. For digital marketing there is no essential need to always be separate from the marketing department as a whole and as the objectives of both are the same. To utilize the digital technology effectively it remains a useful term because digital marketing requires a certain skill set.

As of now you are aware that what is all about digital marketing’s. How we can use it to enhance our business by getting revenue generate. Through digital marketing from the projects worked on. We have a specialist for digital marketing for your projects who will take care of your digital marketings needs for the project. For these purpose we are dealing in Delhi NCR.

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