Importance of Website Designing

Do I need a website for my business? – Website Designing Importance

Importance of Website & their Designing

If you have ever come across this question in your business career then this article is for you. A website is a basically a gateway to a business action, this action can be making a sale, educating the visitor or gather information.

The website serves as an identity for your business, it’s like a window for the customers via which they can get a glimpse of what you have to offer. When website began their function was limited to educating the customers, but over the years websites have evolved and now they are capable of enabling a variety of business functions. With a website now a days you can direct the customer to your business take orders, make payments and also give your customers live tracking of their order.

Being a business owner we are sure you would want the best for your product and business. You need a kickass website that makes your stand out from all your other competitors. A website that gives your customer the best experience when they are on the website. Not just the experience you also need a website that has a uniform messaging and positioning so that it give a clear picture of your business to the visitors. This is where website designing comes into the picture. A good website design agency can be a difference between a visitor making a purchase and a visitor leaving the website. We suggest you to continue reading and understand the philosophy of MoreViz and understand with us how we create the best website designs and help you with digital branding.

1- White Space

White space refers to the space that is left on your landing page after you have published the content on the website. Space becomes one of the most important, simple design tools. It enables a user to experience the readership and flow of the page. The most important thing when it comes to spacing is consistency in spacing. All the similar elements should have similar spacing between them. Spacing should be done to create a focal point for the user.

2- Navigation

Most of the website design agencies do not give importance to navigation on the website but not us. We take navigation as one of the most important parameters because we believe an easy navigation will enable a user to scroll through our content more easily. Also with the advent of mobile websites, navigation becomes a very important feature as people want to reach their desired pages making the least number of scrolls and swipe.

3- About Us Page

This page becomes particularly important for small and medium sized businesses. It becomes important for them to tell the visitors about your business, about the owner of the business, his success story , his journey to creating the company. All of this helps in building credibility in the eyes of the visitors. Most of the time people get carried away and light lengthy content for about us section but that is not at all necessary. Your ABOUT US page should have relevant content that makes the visitor realize that you are a legitimate business.

4- Contact Us Page

Needless to say this is page is like your live visiting card. Now there are two ways in which you can display the information- In a header(Floating) or in a separate contact us page. The trick here is to make information like phone number, address, physical address and links to social media handles of the website.

5- The call to action Tabs

These are tabs or buttons on the web page that makes the visitor take an action. This action could be filling up a query form, registering for newsletters, making a quick order and many more. People filling up these forms can be taken as quality leads and can be pursued by the methods of direct marketing.

This is just the tip of Iceberg, sign up with MoreViz Website Designing  and know more about the magical elements we put in our website designs.

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Website Designing

Website Designing

The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past.”

-Tim Berners-Lee

When Sir Tim Berbers Lee, uploaded the first web page live on August 6, 1991, it engendered a new wave of digital revolution. People began using the World Wide Web as it became a way to accelerate their businesses and invariably, the economy. New companies popped up finding their niche in the virtual world. Companies with efficient websites were endorsed by customers and it became a sign of unofficial approval and trust.

Taking the business online with a simple website is one of the most important things for each and every business now particularly the ones rolling out now. A good website has lots of benefits attached to it including that it can be a competitive advantage for your business because it will reflect in the customer perception of your business and how they feel about you.

Today,it is not difficult to understand why most businesses are ready to pay top dollar for web design. Research says that3 out of 10 individuals fail to complete simple tasks on an average website. Common stumbling blocks consist of the website having too many steps, too much scrolling, unclear instructions, wrong or illegible text, difficult navigation etc.

A good web design can shoot up the conversion rates for your business. Easy navigation across all the web pages makes your website more accessible and the probability of visitors losing their interest because of loading time or inconvenience reduces and encourages your potential customers to spend more time on your website. Good content attracts lots of visitors and they should be targeted by using call-to-action. Research shows that using the word ‘free’ while asking visitors to sign up or download increases the conversion chances by 4.2%. Even simplest of the things like colour matters when it comes to web designing. You can go on researching which colour creates what perception in the minds of your visitors but it certainly matters.

The trust of a consumer can be instilled largely by the appearance and efficiency of your website. A good web design is the best way to communicate with consumers across the world and establish your position in the market. Not only should it act as a medium of information but also direct your visitors towards the strengths and assets of the company. An easy user-friendly interface will attract a wider audience and its smoothness will eventually strengthen company’s roots in the market and retain those customers for a longer time.

Having a great website is mere foreplay and is as good as putting a huge billboard in a desert if there are no relevant visitors. That is where digital marketing steps in. Digital marketing is more than just looking good online. It is about being found in a matter of nanoseconds by customers. Investing in a good design will help you convert clients who visit but investing in search engine optimisation will make the good design worthwhile; it will reach a wider range of audience when they need it and thereby getting more visitors.

Website designing in Delhi

Website designing – For western developed nations over the last few years India has become a premier outsourcing destination. India is also quickly becoming a website design destination as well which is lesser known. In India’s favor in website designing the same cost advantage, dedicated people & good English skills which contribute to other outsourcing fields too is also working.

“Website design is an art in such a field and that cannot simply be done by the numbers as we always heard about. It is a function of needs and marketing creativity and of course understanding of business.”

It always requires the designer to understand the clients business & then generate a strategy and design which will sell online and It’s much more than data entry / answering a phone call with a prepared script. Good technical expertise in various web design software and a creative mind requires the key skills of good command over English or any other language for that matter to go through. For complex web engagements India has tons of such people who have now matured and are capable of taking on ever increasingly and we are also serving the same in Delhi NCR .

India’s Cost arbitrage has always been strong point

From the customer’s point of view web designers here are willing to work at quite attractive rates. At throw away prices, if the client is lucky they might just get a top class designer.
When it comes to outsourcing website work to India, Creativity remains a contentious issue.

For outlook of the more sophisticated western client, Will the Indian web designer be able to grasp the subtlety. Indian web designers are soaking in the western culture and values. And are now operating at the same wavelength as their clients. With the advent of tons of foreign channels, magazines and of course the ubiquitous internet. To their western client’s tastes day by day Indian. Web designers are able to deliver more creative work suited. For Indian web designer’s challenges remain. The perception of India as a low cost destination can be a double edged sword. While giving the more important and substantial projects Clients will hesitate but by Indian web designers by some very good and proactive networking as they are slowly building up the client’s confidence in them by delivering high quality work on time and at good cost. It will take time but perceptions will change .

A check-list for hiring web designers in India from “Moreviz” Specially:

• Always Ensure the portfolio they display is indeed their own and not someone else’s.

• Many are bogus and have never working with them so do not fool to client logos on their sites.

• Always beware of extremely low costs quoted if the costing is too good to be true, it probably is.

• Either you throw peanuts you get monkeys India is relatively cheaper but not too much.

• Credentials and references should always be checked even if this means making a few international calls.

• In the web designers office ensure that the work will be done & expressly forbid him from outsourcing to someone else. Who outsources to someone else there is no point outsourcing to someone. Nothing gets done and It makes a great game of Chinese whispers. For very niche services like voice recording etc. Of course the exception to this would be which the web designer might not be equipped. To handle but the bulk of the work must be down in-house.
Overall I would highly recommend you the India as a great destination for website design where we are also serving the same in Delhi NCR Region not because I am a part of it but also there are genuine advantages which the client will not get anywhere else in the world.

Website Designing Company in Delhi – Web Design Services in Delhi

Packaging Design Services

Packaging Design Services in Delhi India

Packaging Design – We’ve all heard this expression that doesn’t judge a book by its cover but since long we all do it. Literally, with an eye-catching image if a book has a beautiful cover, chances are you will pick it up and flip through it so the same is true in case of consumer goods, whether a box of cereal, a cleaning product, or a pair of socks. The product, no matter how good, can end up languishing on a store shelf. If the package is not immediately visually appealing to a customer.

Marketing vs. Packaging

What your product looks like is one of the most important decisions a company can make when launching a product line or re-thinking an established brand. At the onset of the business process, Package design is a foundation for the rest of the brand and is a decision that must be pondered and not just as a marketing device. To the front line of customer interaction, Packaging has to be more than marketing, because it is truly depends on them so Why is packaging so key? Because the product is the purest expression of your company’s brand ever. In the customer home good packaging can make the consumer feel as if the brand belongs and making the point of sale purchase even easier every time. Your product in their own home generally, there’s not much that can equal the power of a customer actually using and enjoying.

Packaging that Pops

The important one is the question of what will make your product pop on a shelf and catches a customer’s eye. To work with a branding agency, because of the impact of package design if you have the budget, it could be a good idea to consult with one that specializes in this aspect of your brand plan. Make sure to design according to what you whether you hire an agency or work on your own as the brand owner and believe best captures the essence of your product.

Maximizing Your Time and Money

Let alone an entire product line to design and packaging for a product that might be a time consuming process. Working with a branding agency for small businesses, the time definitely equals money & if you are like most small businesses then you probably do not have either to spare even.

Buyers Guide & Catalogues Designing in Delhi

Catalogues Designing in Delhi – You probably did some research prior to your purchase and think multiple times. Think of an expensive product you recently bought ever. Most likely, To ensure the product functions as designed you read professional reviews only. To see what real users think of the product, you probably also read customer reviews and to make sure it isn’t likely to arrive already broken. you were able to make your purchase with confidence After weighing the pros and cons of the product in question, after weighing the pros and cons of the product in question.

Buyers Guide Designing are used to provide all that information in one place and designed to simplify this process,. That’s why it’s important for freelance writers creating buyers guides to know what information and writing style are necessary to guide readers through the (often confusing) buying process.

Communicating With Your Audience

You must understand your target audience before you starts writing your guide. You might write a guide along the lines of “How to choose a any service.” Writing to a more knowledgeable audience? Go with something more specific, like “How to Choose a Mass Airflow Sensor for Your Mustang.” If you are writing to novices and newcomers?

In order to create guides that display authority with a touch of humor and humanity, you must write in a way that highlights your expertise and Keep an eye out for tone, as well. With current research bolstering your deep knowledge also helps reinforce your authority.

Is The Guide Easy to Read?

Accurate and relevant information contains a useful buyer’s guide. That’s easy to use and also structured in a way. Always write short paragraphs and break up your post into subheadings and bulleted lists. To the store — or pull up your guide on their smart phones Buyers should be able to take a printout of your guide and retrieve helpful information on the fly and avoid large blocks of text so that it would be easy for customers because they prevent readers from quickly finding the information they need, large, unbroken sections of text should be avoided at all costs.

Different Types of Buyer’s Guides

Some clients will give detailed instructions and might give you the name of a product and ask for your input on the composition of buyer’s guides before you pitch a buyer’s guide idea, you should know your client’s objective.

These are following the four most common buyer’s guide formulas:

1. Guides for first-time purchases

About a class of products some guides tell inexperienced buyers what they need to know you can understand it as example, “A Guide to Buying a Smartphone” would help customers who are ditching their feature phones and upgrading to smart phones make the most informed purchasing decision.

2. Guides comparing two or more products

To purchase a new pair of headphones Instead of providing a general guide your guide could compare a pair of Beats to a pair of Sennheisers.

3. Guides to product add-ons

Customers care not only about the product Catalogues they’re buying but also about components, add-ons, and accessories. For your Mac laptop, Guide on finding a wireless mouse for a buyer’s for example :- helps consumers wade through the selection of countless mice to find the one that performs best with their specific laptop.

4. Guides for after-purchase use

For existing customers “How to use a product” guides help businesses provide value. Example, by helping people who have already purchased new iPhone. A guide on the most innovative ways to use your iPhone 6. Builds brand loyalty and promotes customer retention.

One Final Piece of Advice

The most successful buyer’s guides & Catalogues are those whose authors know and love the featured products it goes without saying. Your risk provide inaccurate information If you know nothing about the product.

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