Digital Marketing through Advertising

Digital Marketing through Advertising

Advertising – The visuals and aesthetics form a part of website and is important from a design point of view. However there are also definitive different types of creative advertisement format as following:

Animated: These format usually has a animated leader board.

Static: Strong and Simple Ads mostly

Floating Ads: Disrupt the navigation as suddenly these floaters appear, tempts people to interact and engage with the ads in a new way but making sure the user experience is intact and any adverse influence is curbed.

Expendable Ads: These Ads are expandable and we can click and choose to expand them. Even when the customer has not clicked there is significant chance of engagement and further videos, social media buttons and link back to websites are usually available.

Rich Media: Video streaming capability is present and is effective and display advertising catches the audience attention.

Filmstrip: Filmstrip provides a content-rich experience,it is a powerful branding canvas and can hover,scroll and clickon the creative parts.

Display Advertisement on Social Media:

Advertising on social media has become popular thanks to the availability of audience and the advertisements come at different costs. The implications are different based on the impressions and click which are further measured by parameters by click through rate. YouTube is a video sharing website and now operates as Google’s subsidiary and is a great platform for content. The YouTube advertisement allows users to skip after time limit of 5 or 10 seconds,and then further the ads will be targeted with respect to the users browsing history.

There are different types of advertisement like a display ad, overlay ad that is semi transparent, both of these are found in the desktop platform. Then there are skippable video ads while there are also non skippable video ads and some are long. The sponsored cards display relevant content ,and can see a teaser for few seconds and so on.

Pininterest and Instagram the base of subscribers are low but there is lot of engagement with imagery and also leveraging the Facebook insights for the latter. LinkedIn is extremely targeted mainly by job titles instead of features like demographics or interest.

Facebook is among the most popular social media sites and the audience preference of like, share and comment can be viewed and further specific targeting of the audience that is segmented based on demographics, age, locations, connections or interest areas and so on. Twitter also follows a similar technique of targeting customers based on relevance. Advertising on Twitter primarily reaches mobile devices and they can be promoted and as much as 65 percent revenue come from Mobile Tablets or Smart phones.

The best mix of formats and social media platforms can help achieving the company objectives and budget. Digital banners/Facebook banners is very important for Digital Marketing and for the Sales and Marketing of the Products .Design also plays an important role with the Mobile App UI Design, Website Design helps the business after the ads have driven traffic to the website/link.!!

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