How to Boost your Mobile App Downloads and Conversions by UI/UX Design

A good mobile app design which attracts users and enables ease of use is a result of tremendous hard work done in User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design. A good UI/UX design is fundamental for any mobile app’s adoption. The ones which are built without taking UI/UX design into consideration are bound to fail. Users prefer simple and easy to use app which can do the task in minimum time and minimum touch. Therefore, it becomes imperative for every business focusing on its own mobile app to learn the importance of a good UI/UX design. Let’s understand the concept of UI/UX design in first place.

User Interface:

It includes the look and feel of your mobile app, basically how your app interacts with the user. It emphasizes on the visual presentation and graphic design by understanding the target group of the mobile app.

User Experience:

It is the overall experience of the user about the use of app. It captures how appealing and pleasing is the app to your users. It contains all the interactions of your users with the app. It enhances the trust and satisfaction of your customers by improving ease of use, simplicity, and visual attractiveness.

Good UI/UX design requires insightful research of the target group as well as the industry norms. To achieve your business objectives like brand building, improving brand reputation, revenue maximisation, and generate more traffic, you need to provide your customers with a pleasurable experience. The app should be designed in such a way that it requires little efforts to understand the functioning and features of the app. It increases the retention of your app and works as word of mouth which makes your users recommend the app to their family and friends. If the app is difficult to comprehend, the users loose interest and might even delete the app.

Important Aspects of UI and UX design:


High degree of responsiveness should be provided to quickly answer to user’s needs. If the app is not responsive, the user will get tired of using the app and might even delete it. Whereas good responsive app provides an excellent experience to the user with the mobile app.


When you shift your customer from your website to app, you must deliver his needs in much lesser time and fewer clicks. It should make the work of your customer easier and quicker. The process should be smooth and should solve any problem of the user before it arrives.


The user should easily comprehend all the buttons and symbols used in your app. He/she should be able to locate all the features of the app easily. If there is any process going on, inform them about it. If the interface is not clear enough, it will spread a bad word of mouth and poor reviews for the app which pose greater threat.


Use simple visual and lingual elements which your users are familiar with. Common colours, symbols, buttons, font styles and icons to make it look familiar and easy to the users. Uniformity across the app should be maintained. This makes easy for the users to relate and understand the app.


The UI/UX should be visually appealing and give visual satisfaction. Appropriate colour schemes should be used. The app should be interactive so that your users and engaged with the app whenever they use it.

Making a good mobile app requires time and effort, but it is definitely worth for your business. The way businesses perform has completely changed with the eruption of mobile app technology. It has become an integral part of business strategy and brand communication. The scope of mobile app is vast and good UX/UI design differentiates you from your competitors.

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