Importance of Website Designing

Do I need a website for my business? – Website Designing Importance

Importance of Website & their Designing

If you have ever come across this question in your business career then this article is for you. A website is a basically a gateway to a business action, this action can be making a sale, educating the visitor or gather information.

The website serves as an identity for your business, it’s like a window for the customers via which they can get a glimpse of what you have to offer. When website began their function was limited to educating the customers, but over the years websites have evolved and now they are capable of enabling a variety of business functions. With a website now a days you can direct the customer to your business take orders, make payments and also give your customers live tracking of their order.

Being a business owner we are sure you would want the best for your product and business. You need a kickass website that makes your stand out from all your other competitors. A website that gives your customer the best experience when they are on the website. Not just the experience you also need a website that has a uniform messaging and positioning so that it give a clear picture of your business to the visitors. This is where website designing comes into the picture. A good website design agency can be a difference between a visitor making a purchase and a visitor leaving the website. We suggest you to continue reading and understand the philosophy of MoreViz and understand with us how we create the best website designs and help you with digital branding.

1- White Space

White space refers to the space that is left on your landing page after you have published the content on the website. Space becomes one of the most important, simple design tools. It enables a user to experience the readership and flow of the page. The most important thing when it comes to spacing is consistency in spacing. All the similar elements should have similar spacing between them. Spacing should be done to create a focal point for the user.

2- Navigation

Most of the website design agencies do not give importance to navigation on the website but not us. We take navigation as one of the most important parameters because we believe an easy navigation will enable a user to scroll through our content more easily. Also with the advent of mobile websites, navigation becomes a very important feature as people want to reach their desired pages making the least number of scrolls and swipe.

3- About Us Page

This page becomes particularly important for small and medium sized businesses. It becomes important for them to tell the visitors about your business, about the owner of the business, his success story , his journey to creating the company. All of this helps in building credibility in the eyes of the visitors. Most of the time people get carried away and light lengthy content for about us section but that is not at all necessary. Your ABOUT US page should have relevant content that makes the visitor realize that you are a legitimate business.

4- Contact Us Page

Needless to say this is page is like your live visiting card. Now there are two ways in which you can display the information- In a header(Floating) or in a separate contact us page. The trick here is to make information like phone number, address, physical address and links to social media handles of the website.

5- The call to action Tabs

These are tabs or buttons on the web page that makes the visitor take an action. This action could be filling up a query form, registering for newsletters, making a quick order and many more. People filling up these forms can be taken as quality leads and can be pursued by the methods of direct marketing.

This is just the tip of Iceberg, sign up with MoreViz Website Designing  and know more about the magical elements we put in our website designs.

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