guide for Successful Marketing Strategy campaign

Strategy to Successful Marketing : Avenues and Platforms

Successful Marketing Strategy Campaign Guide:

Social Buttons and Interlinking

It is highly desirable to have the social network links to be embedded by social buttons within the site to have an social effective media interface and improve the marketing communication channel visibility. Share buttons should also be prominently displayed to encourage customer response of the user stories and winners to be chosen and rewarded.\


The website design has to be customer experience oriented to retain the customer as well. The Mobile App UI Design has to be graphical and user friendly for background pattern, icons and even the typography


The inbound traffic to website can be increased by conducting competitions through the official handles and develop trust among customers. Personalized T-shirts can be given for the winners and also including the website URL.

Influencer Coverage

Influencers should be identified and be given free offer of usage of the website ,their testimonials can drive up the sales and Instagram is a highly engaging platform where this technique is used for higher average order value.


Cover the bloggers, vloggers for their opinions and create a buzz about their aura so that there is limelight on the website reviewers and the review as well.

Social Media 

Facebook Banners and interaction in fan pages, public groups and Invest in Ads to improve the sales and helps in brand promotion. Also, storytelling in a creative way in PinInterest, Instagram and Vine can create a viral campaign. Online Referrals should be encouraged.


AdWords is Google’s hugely popular pay-per-click advertising network that allows online retailers to place advertisements that can be utilized. Also target E-Zine Advertisers.

Email Marketing

Create database of the users of the website and send mails/newsletters  regarding the products and discounts available.

Offline Avenues

PR Stunt: A Public Relation stunt to be clearly identified to win customers combined with a sales and marketing presentations

Sponsor an Event: Sponsor a small event for a cause that could include of technical minded people who could be future potential customers.

Pop-up Store:
A pop-up store at art fairs, shopping malls, galleries where there is a huge crowd can be used to showcase the brand and educate the significance.

Design Work: Window clings as well as newsletters, bumper stickers, coffee cups and Flyer design in Newspaper with information about the business. Pamphlet designed with info graphics and leaflet Designing with feature and similarly the Brochures designing has to be done with diligence .The logo and brand guidelines cover the design characteristics and has to be intrinsic and meaningful with coherence.

Postcards/Bookmarks: Mail out postcards and Bookmarks for libraries with the Website URL. Even Pens and Magnets with the URL can be deployed and distributed.

Publications: Publish Advertisements in directories, PTA booklets which are not expensive.

Buyer Guides/Catalogues: 
This is an opportunity to present the plethora of features combined with purpose and aesthetics

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