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In India Digital marketing is rising with fast pace. For competitive advantage many Indian companies are using digital marketing. By digital marketings only; Success of marketing campaign cannot be solely achieved.
The digital marketing which is been getting used by Startups who use it many times got failed. For effective implementation of digital marketings this study shows precautions to be taken to reap tremendous potential to increase in sales.

For marketing products or Services, Digital Marketing is any form which involves electronic devices. Online and offline it can do. To achieve marketing objectives; Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing or Pay per Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Web Analytics, Marketing Automation, Content Writing & Rate Optimization is the popular and most-demanded areas in digital marketing.

With e-marketers it is the creative use of management information system and technology which supports customer’s interaction. To set brands and grab opportunities marketers need to use technology and information and intuition. The way of doing business, E-Commerce has unleashed the revolution which is changing a lot.

Here are some facts about Indian Digital Marketing Industry to let you know —

• In the world India has one of the largest and fastest Growing populations of Internet users which is like —190 million as of June 2015 and its still growing Rapidly.
• Internet Users Mark in 2020, According to a report, India will cross 500 million users.
• Digital Marketing Industry is all about worth $62 billion
• As per eMarketer, mobile phones and tablets advertising via rose 180 percent to $4 billion in 2014

Reasons for rise in Digital Marketing in Delhi India:-

Of other digital industries such as e- commerce, digital advertising and so on Increase in internet penetration in the country has led to a substantial growth. The Indian digital marketplace and what it holds for the years to come and latest trends in digital marketing in India in web usage, mobile and search, social networking, shopping and online video are shaping this.

Online retail is on the rise:-

Online retail sites are getting visiting 60% of web users in India. Over 50 per cent of sales In these product categories take place in non-metro cities Of the total online market products, consumer durables account for 34 per cent, apparel and accessories 30 per cent, books 15 per cent, beauty and personal care 10 per cent, and home and furnishing 6 per cent.

Majority of screen time still captured by Social media:-

A social networking site is  getting visit  86% Indian web users.
By an average user 214 minutes are spending on Facebook.
In the last 12 months there is 30% increase in Facebook visitors
Pinterest and Tumblr are the fastest growing networks and Facebook continues to be the number one social network and LinkedIn as number two.


So, to achieve marketing objectives digital marketings is about utilizing digital technology. For digital marketing there is no essential need to always be separate from the marketing department as a whole and as the objectives of both are the same. To utilize the digital technology effectively it remains a useful term because digital marketing requires a certain skill set.

As of now you are aware that what is all about digital marketing’s. How we can use it to enhance our business by getting revenue generate. Through digital marketing from the projects worked on. We have a specialist for digital marketing for your projects who will take care of your digital marketings needs for the project. For these purpose we are dealing in Delhi NCR.

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