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Website designing – For western developed nations over the last few years India has become a premier outsourcing destination. India is also quickly becoming a website design destination as well which is lesser known. In India’s favor in website designing the same cost advantage, dedicated people & good English skills which contribute to other outsourcing fields too is also working.

“Website design is an art in such a field and that cannot simply be done by the numbers as we always heard about. It is a function of needs and marketing creativity and of course understanding of business.”

It always requires the designer to understand the clients business & then generate a strategy and design which will sell online and It’s much more than data entry / answering a phone call with a prepared script. Good technical expertise in various web design software and a creative mind requires the key skills of good command over English or any other language for that matter to go through. For complex web engagements India has tons of such people who have now matured and are capable of taking on ever increasingly and we are also serving the same in Delhi NCR .

India’s Cost arbitrage has always been strong point

From the customer’s point of view web designers here are willing to work at quite attractive rates. At throw away prices, if the client is lucky they might just get a top class designer.
When it comes to outsourcing website work to India, Creativity remains a contentious issue.

For outlook of the more sophisticated western client, Will the Indian web designer be able to grasp the subtlety. Indian web designers are soaking in the western culture and values. And are now operating at the same wavelength as their clients. With the advent of tons of foreign channels, magazines and of course the ubiquitous internet. To their western client’s tastes day by day Indian. Web designers are able to deliver more creative work suited. For Indian web designer’s challenges remain. The perception of India as a low cost destination can be a double edged sword. While giving the more important and substantial projects Clients will hesitate but by Indian web designers by some very good and proactive networking as they are slowly building up the client’s confidence in them by delivering high quality work on time and at good cost. It will take time but perceptions will change .

A check-list for hiring web designers in India from “Moreviz” Specially:

• Always Ensure the portfolio they display is indeed their own and not someone else’s.

• Many are bogus and have never working with them so do not fool to client logos on their sites.

• Always beware of extremely low costs quoted if the costing is too good to be true, it probably is.

• Either you throw peanuts you get monkeys India is relatively cheaper but not too much.

• Credentials and references should always be checked even if this means making a few international calls.

• In the web designers office ensure that the work will be done & expressly forbid him from outsourcing to someone else. Who outsources to someone else there is no point outsourcing to someone. Nothing gets done and It makes a great game of Chinese whispers. For very niche services like voice recording etc. Of course the exception to this would be which the web designer might not be equipped. To handle but the bulk of the work must be down in-house.
Overall I would highly recommend you the India as a great destination for website design where we are also serving the same in Delhi NCR Region not because I am a part of it but also there are genuine advantages which the client will not get anywhere else in the world.

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