Website Designing

Website Designing

The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past.”

-Tim Berners-Lee

When Sir Tim Berbers Lee, uploaded the first web page live on August 6, 1991, it engendered a new wave of digital revolution. People began using the World Wide Web as it became a way to accelerate their businesses and invariably, the economy. New companies popped up finding their niche in the virtual world. Companies with efficient websites were endorsed by customers and it became a sign of unofficial approval and trust.

Taking the business online with a simple website is one of the most important things for each and every business now particularly the ones rolling out now. A good website has lots of benefits attached to it including that it can be a competitive advantage for your business because it will reflect in the customer perception of your business and how they feel about you.

Today,it is not difficult to understand why most businesses are ready to pay top dollar for web design. Research says that3 out of 10 individuals fail to complete simple tasks on an average website. Common stumbling blocks consist of the website having too many steps, too much scrolling, unclear instructions, wrong or illegible text, difficult navigation etc.

A good web design can shoot up the conversion rates for your business. Easy navigation across all the web pages makes your website more accessible and the probability of visitors losing their interest because of loading time or inconvenience reduces and encourages your potential customers to spend more time on your website. Good content attracts lots of visitors and they should be targeted by using call-to-action. Research shows that using the word ‘free’ while asking visitors to sign up or download increases the conversion chances by 4.2%. Even simplest of the things like colour matters when it comes to web designing. You can go on researching which colour creates what perception in the minds of your visitors but it certainly matters.

The trust of a consumer can be instilled largely by the appearance and efficiency of your website. A good web design is the best way to communicate with consumers across the world and establish your position in the market. Not only should it act as a medium of information but also direct your visitors towards the strengths and assets of the company. An easy user-friendly interface will attract a wider audience and its smoothness will eventually strengthen company’s roots in the market and retain those customers for a longer time.

Having a great website is mere foreplay and is as good as putting a huge billboard in a desert if there are no relevant visitors. That is where digital marketing steps in. Digital marketing is more than just looking good online. It is about being found in a matter of nanoseconds by customers. Investing in a good design will help you convert clients who visit but investing in search engine optimisation will make the good design worthwhile; it will reach a wider range of audience when they need it and thereby getting more visitors.

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